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Interview on Occult Of Personality podcast

January 26, 2012

Now available online is an hour-long interview I did with Greg Kaminsky for his excellent podcast Occult of Personality. We delve into the life and works of William Walker Atkinson, especially The Kybalion. Link here.

Update: In the membership section of the Occult of Personality podcast there is now an additional 45-minute additional interview focusing on William Walker Atkinson’s sole authorship of The Kybalion, proof of his authorship, and the controversy surrounding the matter.


Interview on The Infinite and Beyond podcast

November 1, 2011

I was recently interview by Christopher Orapello for episode #23 of The Infinite and Beyond podcast. It is now available for download here. In our hour-long conversation we cover the history and background of The Kybalion, its author William Walker Atkinson, and his final manuscript, The Seven Cosmic Laws.