Heavy Metal Kybalion

The Kybalion has not only influenced occult and metaphysical groups in the 103 years since its publication. It has also been a force for many in the arts, appearing in novels, paintings, and music. In the 1980s Babette Koblenz set the words of the Seven Hermetic Laws of The Kybalion into a sacred a cappella musical form known as a madrigal spirituale.

Other musicians have given a nod to The Kybalion, and in the case of the Argentinian heavy metal band band Punisher, that nod was in the form of repeated headbanging. After several cassette demos, Punisher released an album in 1998 titled “Kybalion” with a cover that featured a headless horseman on a volcano in the midst of a lightning strike. Sadly, the “Kybalion” album appeared to be Punisher’s swan song. According to one website, they broke up not long after the album’s release when some of the members became Christians.

Listen to the third song (“TNT Power”) from Punisher’s “Kybalion” album here.


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